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    Q:How does this air purifier compare to a HEPA air purifier?

    • HEPA air purifiers perform the air purification process via different layers of filter that trap different types of pollutants like dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria. However, the bacteria is only being trapped but not killed and there is still a potential of secondary pollution. The performance of the filters will degrade when more and more pollutants are trapped. The complete replacement of the filter is the only way to re-gain the high purification efficiency. There are incremental costs associated with the HEPA filter as well as the fact that it creates a secondary pollution during the disposal of the aged filters. In contrary, our device with the patented HIRD technology effectively traps the pollutants as well as kills the bacteria through the strong electrostatic field. Easy cleaning of the collector array with water helps to protect our environment and avoid secondary pollution.

    Q: What is this patented HIRD technology, how does it clean the air?

    • The HIRD technology is an abbreviation of Hyper Ionic Repulsive Deposition. Particles are polarized when forced through the high tensioned filament and are then attracted to the metal blade that has the opposite polarity and CLEANED, only air that is free of the captured particles are released through the air outlet.

    Q: What does it mean by PM2.5?

    • This refers to fine particulate matter that are the size of about 2.5 micrometers or less which are the most unhealthy and likely to effect the human body respiratory system.

    Q: How is the effectiveness of cleaning?

    • Our air purifier has been certified by authorized laboratories for worldwide sales with international approvals such as CE, FCC, IC, ETL and CQC. With the patented HIRD technology, our pollutant collection array effectively purifies indoor air pollutants (dust particles, smoke, gems, pollen and etc) with CADR rated 65+ for HexaOne and CARD rated 180+ HexaDuo and Hexa Duo Smart to ensure clean and safe air.

    Q: How long will it take to clean an indoor room? Can I feel the change?

    • Normally, the air quality can be significantly improved and felt after the air purifier is on for 30 minutes, please keep in mind that the effectiveness will be related to the room size, level of contamination and the fan speed setting on the unit. For some typical sources of pollutants even a few minutes of air cleaning will be noticed, but "aged" pollutants like smoke particles that have migrated into the wall, carpet, or furniture, will be hard to totally eliminate. Once the air purifier is turned off, the trapped pollutants will continue to deliver contamination to the space until the collection array is cleaned or unless the air purifier is left on.

    Q: Will the cleaning effectiveness degrade after a long period of use?

    • No, due to the fact that there are no filters to replace, there is no loss of performance over time. This is what differentiates this air purifier from other models that use expensive consumable filters. However, in order to ensure efficiency of the unit, it is advised that the user clean the collection array every two weeks.

    Q: Does the unit measure the Air Quality Index?

    • The deluxe version HexaDuo Smart (not HexaOne and HexaDuo) was equipped with sensors which help to monitor the real-time PM2.5, temperature and humidity level which are key factors to reflect the indoor air quality. Via the access on the mobile App, users can monitor the real-time air quality of their rooms as well as retrieve historical data on a weekly and / or monthly basis to track the room's air quality variation.

    Q: Does it work as an air conditioner?

    • An air cleaner is designed to clean the air instead of cooling like an air conditioner, but you may be able to feel the air flow like a fan from the air outlet vents.

    Q: Does it work as humidifier? (Can you add this feature to the unit?)

    • Some research has shown that if the air cleaning function and the humidifier function are mixed together, the overall efficiency of the unit will be reduced. We are not considering to include this feature in our future designs.

    Q: Do I have to add any medicated additives to the unit for bacteria killing?

    • Our air purifier employs patented HIRD technology which enables the unit to totally destroy the bacteria when they pass through the strong electrostatic field instead of just getting trapped inside the filter. It does not require any medicated additives at all. Cleaning the collection array under running water or with the included brush will wash away the dead bacteria attached the collection array's wall.

    Q: Any electro-magnetic interference from the unit?

    • HexaOne and HexaDuo are non-wireless models which do not produce any electro-magnetic waves. HexaDuo is a wireless model which allows the user to control the device remotely. The electro-magnetic wave produced is for the signal transmission which is in compliance with FCC safety regulations and does not interfere with other devices.

    Q: Does the unit remove hazardous substances from smoking?

    • Some substances could be removed but some cannot such as carbon monoxide.

    Q: My house is 1500sq.ft., does it mean that I will require more than 6 units?

    • It is similar to the case of an air conditioner. You may require one unit for an isolated room, but it is not necessary to equip each room with one unit because they are portable, so you can use the same unit in living room and move it into the bedroom / office / kitchen etc. when needed.

    Q: How should I choose my air purifier?

    • It is an international standard to indicate the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and the appropriate CADR would be 2.3×room area /hour.
      For an air purifier with CADR = 65+ like HexaOne, in a room area of 150 sq.ft.and a ceiling height of 8ft., the air can be cleaned in 18 minutes.
      For air purifier with CADR = 180+ like HexaDuo/HexaDuo Smart in a room area of 450 sq.ft. and ceiling height of 8ft., the air can be cleaned in 20 minutes.

    Q: Should I install one unit for the nursery?

    • Babies are very sensitive to air's pollutants. Our air purifier is certified by international laboratories for safety regulations and is without harmful electro-magnetic interference and is ozone friendly. It helps to purify the dust and pollen and kills bacteria, and is safe for babies and kids of all ages.

    Q: Is it appropriate to install one in the kitchen?

    • If smoke and dust are very strong and intense in your kitchen, you could install the air purifier in your kitchen, however you should expect to clean the collection array more frequently than the suggested 2 weeks.

    Q: Is it appropriate to install one in the washroom?

    • It is not advised to install an air purifier inside of the washroom. The high humidity will increase the potential of electric leakage. However the user may install one nearby and the cleaned air can flow to the washroom via circulation.

    Q: Can the unit be run for 24 hours non-stop?

    • Yes the unit is designed to run 24 hours non-stop.

    Q: Should I use the air purifier 24hr non-stop? Any suggested usage duration?

    • The usage duration depends on the indoor air quality as well as the outdoor air quality. You can enjoy the cleaned air at any moment you want, but if your family includes elders or infants, it is recommended the unit should be on 24 hours for maximum protection. The device is an Energy Star award winner and operates with very low power consumption (less than 1KWh /month).
      By purchasing the HexaDuo Smart which equipped with Intelligent Mode, the air purifier will optimize this setting according to ambient environment for best balanced possible output air quality. The mobile APP allows the user to monitor the indoor room air quality and adjust different settings remotely and even power if off at any time.

    Q:Do I have to plug and unplug the unit every time after use?

    • Our AC adaptor is certified with international ETL standards which is safe for prolonged usage. However, if the unit will not be used for a long time, it is still suggested to unplug it. When you do so, please grab the plug firmly, DO NOT grab the cable as it could destroy the insulation cover and may result in potential electric shock.

    Q:There is significant noise and vibration during operation

    • The user may hear static noise when the unit first starts. This is normal due to setting up the electrostatic field for capturing the airborne particles. However, if the noise persists or additional vibration is found, please make sure the unit is located horizontally and is on a steady flat surface.

    Q: Why does the air outlet seem to have no air flow?

    • Please check if there is blockage from the air inlet vents, or if any large pollutants are chocking the collection array. Remove the blockage or pollutants and restart the unit again to resume normal operation.

    Q: What is the appropriate height to locate the air purifier?

    • The best height should be within range of 60cm to 100cm from ground, and kept at least 30cm from the wall for best air circulation results.

    Q: Why is there a sparking noise?

    • It is normal that when the pollutants are being trapped and captured inside the collection array that a sparking sound will be heard. Similar to the normal electrostatic shock sound that occurs when you take off a sweater in winter. The bigger the size of the particles, the more obvious the sparking sound will be.

    Q: Is it safe to touch the dust collection array?

    • The unit is designed to cut off the strong electrostatic field immediately after the user disassembles the collection array for cleaning, so it is safe to the user. The residue static that remains on the collection array is minimal after being disassembled.

    Q: Will the unit generate static?

    • The strong electrostatic field (over 16kV) will build up in the collector array under the HIRD technology, during the air purification process, it is advised that the user should not place the air purifier with the air flow outlet directly pointing to metal parts but keeping 3.3.ft away from it, and avoid touching these nearby metal parts to prevent static discharge.

    Q: How come I do not feel a big difference?

    • The unit is working to eliminate or lower the air content of pollen, viruses, hazardous gases etc, but sometimes the human body can not directly sense this unless a professional instrument is used. From the report of certified laboratories, you can rest assured that the environment is cleaner in comparison to the absence of our air purification device. HexaDuo Smart is equipped with the smart sensor which enables the user to check daily and weekly index charts to track the air quality variation during a specified period.

    Q: What is the power consumption of the unit?

    • The power consumption will depend on the fan speed under user control. While in the minimum fan speed mode, the device is award with an Energy Star rating and operates with very low power consumption (less than 1KWh /month).

    Q: How about the noise from the unit?

    • Our air purifier has been equipped with high quality low noise fan motors. In silent mode, minimal noise levels can be heard by the human ear especially in level 1 (HexaOne: 37dB, HexaDuo and HexaDuo Smart: 39dB).

    Q: Does the dust collection box need replacement after extensive usages?

    • Unlike traditional disposable filters from HEPA type air purifiers, our air purifier has zero consumables. Our collection array, with patented HIRD technology, can be disassembled from the body and then washed and cleaned under water with ease, which greatly saves on the maintenance cost for users.

    Q: How to clean the dust collector array?

    • After powering off and unplugging, remove the collector array from the body and clean it under water according to the steps specified in the user guide. There are 3 suggested ways of easy cleaning. (a) Dishwasher (b) Garden Hose (c) Water Sink with brush. Please note that the fan is not washable and only clean it with a moist cloth on the fan surface. Ensure the collection array is dry before re-installing back into the body of the unit.

    Q: Why does the APP only show a poor PM2.5 index all the time?

    • The air quality sensor may have been contaminated by hot steam, sticky oil, heavy smoke etc., you can move the unit to a new place for verification of that result.

    Q: HexaDuo Smart cannot link to WiFi?

    • You may try to reset the machine by unplugging and replugging the adaptor and then restart the APP and link them again.

    Q: How many air purifier units can be controlled by one device?

    • A maximum of 255 air purifiers can link to the APP on one device.

    Q: What air quality information can the user retrieve from the App when using the HexaDuo Smart air purifier?

    • Various air quality data and environmental data can be accessed on the mobile like PM2.5, temperature and humidity.

    Q: What is warranty period?

    • Our warranty period is 2 years. It is suggested to contact our friendly customer service representatives (support@nectarsmartliving.com) before you consider returning the product or visit our website at (www.nectarsmartliving.com/support) for comprehensive supporting information.